Totally… Well, no, not really. Only from the waist up.

But I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck during the night. Oh, I knew I would feel sore, but I didn’t expect to meet with so many muscles screaming their disagreement with me forcing them to work yesterday.

I do realize that I was kind to them for the last couple of years, not over using any of them. Except maybe during my trip in DK, but the Union had a special agreement with my brain, since we were going to have so much fun!

There was no signed agreement for yesterday’s day of work, and this morning I woke up feeling like I was 95 years old. Every muscle above my navel seemed to have gone on strike. Even my fingers are kind of mildly painful… But let’s start from the beginning…

My parents own a store. My father sells metal, all kinds of metal, of all shapes and sizes. Some sort of convenience store for handy men. Due to growing success of the store these past few years, my parents decided to move their business to a new and bigger building.

So we packed up a few things and hit the road towards Trois-Rivières…


After a little over an hour long drive through the early autumn’s colorful scenery, we arrived in town…


Chéri and I spent Sunday afternoon at the new building, where there was not much for us to do, aside from washing windows… and taking a few pictures!


We were assigned to drive around town and get a few things that were missing… Like coffee and donut holes at the closest Tim Horton’s.


Since we were a little useless once everybody had their cafeine and sweet snack, we went to the grocery store, and prepared a feast for the whole family. I cooked a giant tartiflette, and we prepared some salad to balance the guilty intake of calories from the potatoes, cream and melted cheese 😉



On Monday, I was back to work at 8 O’clock, and I was asigned to the old building where we prepared the numerous loads of metal that had to be taken to the new adress…



That’s when I made my muscles mad! Lifting iron, bronze and steel, jumping on and off trailors, and going up and down ladders is not the kind of activity they are accustomed to, and I knew there would be some sort of come back from them, but I didn’t leave them a choice…

For lunch, I offered to go get something to eat, and I really could have guessed what dad was going to choose. It is his #1 treat when mom is not around. Yeah, she had gone back home with my brother. Because, meh, I had dropped a large piece of bronze tubing on his toes (I still try to shake off the guilt… Bad big sister!!) Sooooo… Since it was dad and dad’s only choice, we headed for…. KFC!


Back to work, we kept the loading going all afternoon, and I only took a little break to offer you a selfie… Chicago bean style!




I cooked meatloaf for dinner, but I spare you the sight. It was delicious, but it just wasn’t sexy at all, mouahahahaha… I leave that to your imagination… Instead, I’ll leave you with a few last pictures, taken at my parents’ house!



And that was about when I could lift my cellphone for the last time! Because right now, every effort is accompanied by a loud “Ouch!!” And that’s why, I’ll leave the keyboard for now… Hoping you’ll enjoy the pics  😉


P.S. Little Brother’s toes are fine… He’s off with a blackened big toe nail, but nothing’s broken…. Pfiewwwww!!





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