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Run Forrest, run…



Even if medias are far less excited about it now, the Olympic festival is not over in Rio… The Paralympics are still going on, and that means the occasional report from Chéri regarding fun facts that have happened.

Last Sunday, the 1500 meters race in the visually impaired category, took place. And surprisingly, the FOUR fastest runners have beaten the “regular” Olympic gold medalist!


Talk about a life lesson. You would think that handicaped contestants would not be as good as “normal” athletes, and the competitions less exciting. Wrong! I know, I know the visually impaired men don’t have any problem to their legs, meaning that they just might be as fast, if not faster than men that have a perfect sight. It is perfectly logic. But the brain makes quick connections; “handicaped = slower” Which is wrong.

I found that inspiring for people who are in their own way “different”. To see that having an obstacle doesn’t mean not being able to do things.

But I have to confess…

My brain is 5 years old sometimes (often), and when Chéri told me about it, my first image was a bunch of blind men that start running in all directions after the “get set – go!” signal…

I know they weren’t “blind”, and I know there must be some sound signal to guide them…

I know that, but…

That image in my mind was just so funny anyway!





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