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The feeling of being watched… Where am I, there, sitting on a bed… I think?

As my thoughts try to clear out, a silhouette bends over me.

Hands hold my head up, the dark contour of the mysterious man gets down to leave two long pecks on my cheeks. The warmth of his breath on my skin is troubling, although I can’t see a thing…

As he steps back, his lips brush lightly against mine. Did I want him to stop backing up, or did he stop on his own… No way to know for sure. It doesn’t matter anyway.

Our mouths meet, first shyly… I accept the anonymous kiss, and the mysterious figure takes it as a permission to go on. Letting his hands down my arms, he wraps himself around me and lifts me up the bed with a suprising easiness.

Now standing up, pressed against his chest,  his kisses are more and more confident. The nibbling on my lips makes my head spin, and I surrender to the oddity of the moment… Why can’t I see him? Are we in the dark, or are my eyes shut? Why can’t I open them?

I run my tongue on his lips, encouraging him not to stop, and running his fingers in my let down hair, he grabs the back of my head to devour my mouth passionately…

My cat jumps on the bed, waking me… Left with the irritating feeling of not knowing who the mysterious stranger was…

Until next time, anonymous lover….

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