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Hundrede knus!



You fellow bloggers are amazing! As I was surfing around, reading a post here and a post there, I noticed the little orange dot on my WordPress bell.

100th Follower!

!!  OMG – OMG – OMG  !!

Thank you for your interest in my little cosy (I hope) Cove! Me and my words are honored to count you in, each and every 100 yous! 🙂 I was already thinking about trying a month challenge. It seems that starting the month of August tomorrow (Août, you know?) and celebrating my 100th following reader will be enough of a motivation to achieve this.

I have decided to attempt the “A to Z Challenge’… (Special thanks to Linda for her help looking for the right one)

So, I’ll try to be as entertaining as possible. “Like” if you do, and leave me a comment if you have anything to say… It is always a pleasure to read your kind words 🙂

Again…. Thank you so much for tagging along!!





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