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International Day of the Day…



Pandemonium day! I didn’t know “pandemonium” before today. Never heard about it, never saw that word before… Blank! Blank! Blank!

I first checked my periodic table, but pandemonium was not on it. So I turned to the Internets…

Pandemonium: A place of uproar and chaos.

I wish I didn’t celebrate this International Day of the Day this year… I wish I could have made jokes about it, and tried to find nice plays of words, and entertained readers with funny anecdotes (like the fact that the picture above is that of a test bombing over the atoll of Bikini Islands, you know… Bikinis!!)

Unfortunately, my thoughts are quite chaotic today. They shouldn’t… really they shouldn’t. I wish I was strong enough to only use my brain. But I just can’t.

My heart always takes over when things aren’t going right. I am intense, so very intense… I know it, I have learned to live with it, but it has its bad sides. Like being over-emotional when I could just stop, think things over, and understand life.

I am working hard on taming my heart, and giving a voice to my brain… But it is easier said than done…

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