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Jeg savner dig…


Yeah, I miss you Denmark…

That was a few minutes before landing in Copenhagen, just over two months back. You had put your most beautiful sunset on, just for my arrival. Solnedgang… I was about to meet with you at last. To see you live, to hear you, feel you, taste you…

I was about to fall in love again.

And even if I keep telling myself that I’ll come again someday, and  that I’ll see your rapeseed fields and your old colorful buildings once more, there are still some evenings when it hurts to be so far from you.

Maybe you’ve been too kind to me, maybe you should have saved a few more rainy days or late trains to set a shadow in my souvenir, knowing I would have to leave you sooner than later. But how could I blame you for making every step I took almost perfect?

My feet still bare the scars of all the walking I did… When I look at the thickened skin where the blisters were at their worst, I wish I was up to one more day of discovery. I want to walk in the King’s Garden again, to stare down Møns Klint, to hike along Langeland’s coast, to get lost in Skagen and stay with you for a while.

I want to see my friends again… The ones I had before I met you in person, and the new ones you put on my way…

I want to be immerged in your musical language. I want to sit next to strangers again, and try to figure out what they are talking about. Or turn on the tv at night, and pretend I understand what people are saying.

Yeah, I try not to think about it, I try not to bother people with it, but I miss you… I miss you so dearly…

Jeg savner dig, kære Danmark!

6 thoughts on “Jeg savner dig…

      1. How short is short enough? I’ve practiced 100 words max posts, the last few weeks, and even achieved to go down to 60 words for one of my #NovemberNotes ones…. Is 60 still too long for an honest crooked Danish picture gone wrong post? 😉


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