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You want Bikinis????….

I’ve been reading a lot about women in bikinis lately… He, like all men, seem to be craving skin showing women in tiny little bikinis and he, just like them all just can’t get enough of them… Bikinis are what real men want!

Too bad for all the romantic girls out there, ready too swoon over clever words and witty tales of the time when showing an ankle was a proof of complete and endless love… “If you’re not ready to show some skin, honey, you’d better hit the highway!”

So, humbly I bow, and will give him today what he and his fellows have been requesting.

“Now, never tell me I have never done anything for you!”

So I sat down, and as I was chatting with the Cat-Crazy-Lady (we work together, so chatting, we do a lot of!), looking for the best pictures the Internets could provide for my post.



What? Not happy??

  • Well, to their defense, it is a piece of veggie carved to look like it is wearing a bikini! Men usually like to have some meat to look at, not veggies!


True, C-C-Lady… True… So I went back to Google to find something better…



What again? Why are you shaking your head like that? He likes dogs!! A dog in a bikini, what’s not to like about it?? Is it the choice of colours? Is the bikini out of style? Pas à la mode? Geeeese men are hard to please!!

  • No they are not! They are super easy to please! Give them a hot chick, showing a lot of tanned skin, and you’ll make them all drool, and beg you to give them more…


Hot chick… Tanned skin… Not things I’m too familiar with! But I will give it a try, I promise to do my best. Take 3 Google, let’s see what we have here…




Ok, what’s wrong NOW?? I see “hot”, I see “chick”, I see “bikini” and a lot of tanned “skin”. I mean, she’s even playing it cool with her neck resting on her delicious wings!

Really, I was thinking about trashing my post, and never letting him know I had almost submitted to his request.

  • But he’s been so nice with you… Don’t you owe him what he’s been asking for?


That is bad! Friends taking friends’ sides! Ok, she did have a point there. I did feel like I owed him something, but really, my almost naked body on the Internets? Really?? People just don’t seem to understand the meaning of “not being able to unsee something you’ve seen!”

So I thought about it… Slept on it, and tonight I brought my kit to work. Yeah, of course to work… Where else? I am always at work, ask them! So. Where were we? Ah, yeah, so, I brought my kit.

I hope those skin hungry men will appreciate the effort, because skin-showing has never been a hobby of mine. I even had to go buy myself a bikini, since I had never wore one… Never.

So we set ourselves up, in a corner of the office… I warned C-C-Lady it was a one-shot timer, and that she had to do a good job…  I went ahead, stroke the pose…


And I ran to the bathroom rolled up in my towel…

So here it is… For your hungry eyes only…


Awww… Cat-Crazy-Lady has put her finger in front of the lens….

I guess that’s the end of women in bikinis for tonight, then.


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