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Hands and bladder conspiracy…

It happens every time.

Just like the Internets, organs are not to be trusted. Hearts will go out of their ways to make up stories, so you choose their aguments over your Head’s. Knowing dang too well that it is the Head’s main job to take decisions… And, let’s face it, Hearts aren’t the best advisors in the end.

Men sure know a thing or two about organ betrayal too. I don’t mean to be vulgar in any way, but by hand raising, who among you never had a snake-in-the-pants incident? Shy? Come on, you know what I mean… When your best bud acts like a construction worker on the side of the street, whistling at pretty women to get attention!

  • Hey lady! Look this way!! That’s nice cleavage you’re taking out around town! What about hopping in my badass pickup truck and going for the ride of your life?


I’ve known for years that my Hands and my Bladder conspire… Every time I wash dishes, as soon as the running water gets just warm enough to be pleasant to the touch, my Hands lift the flag, and my Bladder hits the red button!

ALARM!!! ALARM!!! Red alert!!! NEED to go to the bathroom, NOW!!!

No matter if I went just before heading to the kitchen… And the evil duo gets me tip toe dancing in front of the sink. Because I am hard headed, and each time, there is no way I’ll let them win! So I wiggle, a little to the left, a little to the right, scrubbing my dishes frantically.

I didn’t really mind our conflict untill last night.

I was at work, and batteling to get my bowl clean when I noticed something in the corner of the room… A security camera!

Thanks a lot guys!



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