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Languages are funny…

Today, I opened my daily Danish cross-word, to practice a bit. And it happened again!


See #4? There it is again… 2 days in a row. Why? Is someone from the website following my blog and intentionally put “længsel” in my daily grid to wink at me? Is it the website’s way to make me practice certain words to make sure I don’t forget them? Then make me practice stuff like “hvalp” (puppy) that I’ll actually have a chance to use if I make it through Copenhagen’s customs someday… Then again, by the time I travel to Denmark, “hund” (dog) will probably more appropriate. Or maybe this is just harassment.

Harassment… I had decided to name this post Harassment, and then I looked for its equivalent in Danish. “Chikane” is what came up. Funny thing, because it is very close to the French word “chicane” which means argument or fight but with a mild touch…

I just guess I’ll have two more words in my Danish acquired vocabulary… Længsel and chikane!

Oh, and by the way… This is how far I could go without any peaking to the dictionnary! Not bad uh? 🙂

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