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Whiny Wednesday!

  As you might have read on several other blogs, the news are not looking good for the Classic Editor fans, like me. There was a little hope, that WordPress happy engineers could arrange things for people who were struggling with the block editor, but it seems like the fix is only temporary, since WP…… Continue reading Whiny Wednesday!

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Block editor? Thanks, but no thanks!

  Oh no they won’t… I know we discussed this before, but now it seems to be happening. WordPress has started forcing bloggers to use the new(er) ”block” editor. I am not happy, to say the least. Of course I get that some of you like the new editor, and believe me… Good for you!…… Continue reading Block editor? Thanks, but no thanks!

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Blocking the Block!

Dear Lovelies… Like me, you have probably noticed the following, when you engaged into publishing a new post, recently:     I shuddered at the thought of┬áhaving to use the new WordPress ”block” editor. I have flirted with it, out of curiosity, and I find it unnecessarily complicated. I know I would get used to…… Continue reading Blocking the Block!

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Wanna chat?

  You’re up late? You woke up early? You’re in party mode, or you’re feeling lonely? I’m at the keyboard, just curious to know who is too! Sure, I could go on Messenger, and check out who’s online… But I want to try something new here. You Lovelies are cool people, and I’d like to…… Continue reading Wanna chat?