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Mountain man… (Part four)

Previously posted June 11th, 2016   I called your name from the opening of the front door. It was unlocked when I arrived, and that was odd, since you were terrified of strangers breaking in at any time of day or night… ¬†You didn’t respond, which seemed even stranger. I called a second time, almost…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part four)

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Mountain man… (Part two)

Previously posted May 27th 2016.   You were standing in the living room. -You are not ¬†coming. You stayed still. No twitch, no pouting, not even the beginning of a question as to why I didn’t want you to tag along. To say the truth, I probably would have been disapointed in your lack of…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part two)

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Mountain man… (Part one)

Previously posted April 9th 2016.   It’s about 4h21… It’s Tuesday, July 16 1985. You can put that in your notebook. With all the things you wrote down to be sure not to forget, and all the pictures you glued here and there, and all the silly drawings you drew. How many times have I…… Continue reading Mountain man… (Part one)