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M – Part Nine

  I accidentally catch the envious glance from a secretary wearing a chic tailor, obviously thinking we are a couple. I address her a content smile… There you go, in your face, snobby! I stare back, establishing my fictive territory. It is good to be Mrs Madsen! And still, in my imaginary relationship, existing only…… Continue reading M – Part Nine

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M – Part Eight

  I have to pull myself together now. Life rarely gives second chances, and when it does, you have to seize it! I am hoping to take advantage of this eleven story descent to the max, which should give me a good… 45 seconds? Maybe a minute? Take your time elevator! I place back my…… Continue reading M – Part Eight

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M – Part Seven

  I neatly place the few things doctor Madsen has left on the desk, so that they face the place in the comfortable armchair which I can’t look straight at, still feeling silly for my earlier mistake. I hope I won’t develop a leatherarmchairphobia, but it is clearly not impossible. I’m never going to sit…… Continue reading M – Part Seven

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M – Part Six

  Oh, I am not worried about gentleness right now… I worry about him being TOO gentle. But I am disappointed to know that I will soon leave the clinic, and probably never see doctor Madsen again, unless he finds something wrong in today’s tests… And if I have to choose, I’d rather pay a…… Continue reading M – Part Six

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M – Part Five

  I still have a chance to pull through, since he will undoubtedly have to get out of the office for a few minutes; there is no curtain around the tiny area for the examining table, and I hope to have a little intimacy to change into the hospital gown. I quickly look for paper…… Continue reading M – Part Five

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M – Part Four

  A perplexed pout succeeds the initial look of surprise. After a few seconds, he bursts into a sincere laughter that would surely be contagious if I knew what caused it. What can I have missed in the very succinct order that was given to me…? I got in, I sat down…. Between two chuckles,…… Continue reading M – Part Four

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M – Part Three

  I’m left to dry, literally, five minutes before a (not to say “the”) nurse comes to pick me up from beside Pénélope. I understand that my claustrophobia hasn’t seen anything if I thought that was a tiny waiting room. The office… Hmm, no, I cannot be disrespectful towards worthy offices… Let’s try again; the…… Continue reading M – Part Three