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Lingering thoughts….



The night sighs
At long last,
While I
Reminisce the past
Of things come
And things done,
What I shouldn’t
And could have done…
My mind is weary,
My feet are sore.
I’ve walked the lands
And along the shores
Thinking I was
Strong enough to say
I could push your haunting
Presence away.
But I am weak.
So very little…
And my heart’s not
The least bit fickle.
I listen, closely
To the city’s soft snore
My blood boils unintendedly.
I want more.
Just a waving hand
Through a thick crowd,
A faint smile, from afar
Saying more than could our mouths…
My thoughts get blurry
Sleep is finally taking over.
Tonight I’ll dream you read this, knowing
That tomorrow, the yearning
Will be no longer.

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