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Cyranny’s quickie!



With the recent major AI (artificial intelligence) advances, do you think that human intelligence is bound to become ”obsolete”?

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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. The thing is…if you pull the plug on technology…it is a little useless. We use computers at work, but nothing can replace human interaction in our role. Sensing when a patient is upset, hiding something, not telling the truth about how they acquired those bruises. I just do not believe that a robot could have helped patients who we managed to built a rapport with until they finally admitted that someone in their life was injuring them. I am so glad to think of the many areas within healthcare that robots would be a complete disaster.

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    1. I’m Japan they have been designing a robot that can do these things. It’s designed to teach children so that teachers don’t have to bother. I stopped following when I finally saw one in action. I LOVE tech like that, but… the uncanny valley smacked me upside my head in that video and I didn’t like it one bit.


  2. Uh… I call foul! This is a trick question. Have you looked around? Humans seemed to have universally decided that intelligence is not a requirement. The machines can be smart for us. Well, consider us conquered. Since 2011 when Siri popped up and then Alexa and all the rest. They are smarter, we are dumber, we need to accept it or fight back. As long as I have cookies, I’m ok with it.


  3. AI will replace the need for human’s intelligence where AI can do the job and that will end up being a large part of what humans do now. Much like computers did initially – put people out of work, but make new jobs doing different things. It will make life significantly harder for those without education or skills – contribute to crime and violence? AI and robots should be a gift from the government to everyone. Everyone should share in the benefits of robots and AI.


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