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Cyranny’s quickie!



Can you easily find pleasure in Life’s little things?

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10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Do you mean little things like – freshly laundered bed linen? dew clinging to spider weds like a strong of jewels? having half an hour on your own in the morning to sip your coffee or tea and just breathe? walking to work and seeing a sunrise that is beyond magnificent? the feeling of walking barefoot on soft grass? a stranger smiling at you on the bus?

    There are lots and lots and lots of little things that bring me pleasure – and I sometimes I wish I had a little more time to let that pleasure linger and effuse, before I have to crack on with work. But even work brings little pleasures – smiles and thankyous from people you are helping is a wonderful source of joy.

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  2. I used to be very good at finding pleasure/happiness from the little things in life. Sadly, the same little things are now little problems that my body no longer worships… or digests properly.


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