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I want a refund!



Miss Freja and I have made a pact, when she was just a kitten.

Back then, she had made a clear point that she would fight combs and brushes with all of her might and will. And might and will she had a lot of.

I figured that if our incredible vet needed an assistant wearing leather gloves going up to her elbows for a simple examination, I would probably get butchered if I insisted in bare-hand brushing her. Needless to say that the thought of being discovered dead lying in a pool of my own blood, while Freja is licking any incriminating proof off her claws, was not an option.

So we agreed that I wouldn’t force any brushing, if she’d let me shave her whenever it became necessary, in return.

Deciding when it is necessary is still a long negotiation process. I start arguing when Little Miss Fluffball is starting to have knots in her otherwise beautiful fur. She disagrees, usually up to the point when the excess of hair causes her skin to itch.

This morning, we reached agreement point!

So I took out the clipper, and we proceded. Of course, Freja hissed and growled the whole time through, but never tried to sink her sharp teeth into my wrist.

No blood was shed, on either part. We respected the unwritten contract, and now Miss Freja can lick any itching spot of her body (except her tail).

My problem is that looking at the fur I shaved off her back (and belly and sides) I seem to have more hair than actual cat material. And I wonder how it is possible that she had that much fur, given how she manages to leave extra hairs all around the apartment.

Persian cats are quite expensive, but we don’t have much of a choice. As ironic as it may seem, Chéri is allergic to cats, with an exception for persian cats.

So be it, we’ll pay to have a pet pretending to be our master… But the ratio fur vs actual animal is disappointing. You’d think so too if you had a rat with a squirrel tail walking around your apartment.

We still love Freja just the same, but I feel like I deserve a refund. I obviously was sold a whole lot of fur, more than an actual cat.

Next time, I might shop for a sphinx… They are dang expensive, but what you see is what you get (wether you like it or not). LOL

P.S. Just in case you wouldn’t get my sarcasm, I love Freja no matter what, and wouldn’t exchange her for any other cat. I’m just glad she allowed me to shave her today (yeah, our unwritten contract is kinda true). She’s a beauty hairful or hairless. As we should all be… Wouldn’t you agree?

6 thoughts on “I want a refund!

  1. Our little porch cat, Scruffy, appears to be part Himalayan, and every winter he grows a long, very thick coat. When he first showed up in our yard several winters ago, he had the worst case of dreadlocks I ever saw on a cat. The dreads finally grew out when the warm weather came, and I found, to my astonishment, that he was a very pretty cat. And once we’d tamed him, we discovered that he absolutely LOVES to be brushed. The problem is brushing him in winter, when he needs it most, because we don’t feel like sitting outside in the cold for fifteen minutes, and Scruffy adamantly refused to come inside. But this winter, my husband somehow persuaded him to come into the entryway to be brushed. Scruffy has to actually see the brush in your hand when you open the door or he won’t come in. (He’s a very strange cat, but we love him.)


  2. Wow, when I first saw the picture I thought it was a fur brushing gone really, REALLY wrong!
    The pink thing looks like a little brush my mother used to have for the dogs that took forever and yanked more than anything else.


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