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Forstår du dette?



Good evening Lovelies!

As you might know, I have started a beginner’s level Danish course online on January 8th. I have worked hard the past three weeks, and I feel it is starting to pay off.

When I last attempted to learn Danish, my writing and reading skills were on the right path, but I just couldn’t find the courage to speak it. And forget about understanding spoken Danish. I sucked, big time!

Yet, in less than three weeks, I think that I significantly improved my speaking skills… Thanks to Sigga (my dear teacher). I still have to work on understanding, but as Bob’s psychiatrist would have said, ”Baby steps”’s the answer.

Being semi-confident in my learning, I decided to record myself reading the text that concludes my latest unit lesson (the 7th out of 20).

I won’t claim to master the tricky parts of Dane’s language (especially the soft ”d”), but I think I am ready to ask for feedback. So if you are a Danish speaker, please let me know if you understand any of the recording below.

Be kind, but be honest… I’m here to learn 🙂

And if you don’t speak Danish (which is most likely the case), please forward the link to this post to any Danish speaking relative, friend or acquaintance… I’d really like to get feedback on my spoken exercise.

So here it is…

Again, be kind but honest.


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