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Just thinking…



This will be short, but I just couldn’t go to bed without venting it out.

I heard the following on the news this morning, and I was flabbergasted.

We all know that the past couple of years’ events have left us with many problems, as a society. I can only talk for Québec, because I am not pretentious enough to say that I am up to date with everything happening around the globe. But one thing that seems to be common to many countries, at the moment, is the shortage of available workers, in every type of field (where have all the workers gone during the pandemic? That would be a whole other subject).

Another issue that is currently plaguing our province, is the difficulty to find affordable houses or apartments. For months now, we’re being reminded almost daily, of all the single people, couples and families struggling to find proper housing that will not force them to go bankrupt before the end of the year.

I knew that a lot of landlords get rid of their tenants to renovate their apartments and re-rent them for twice the price (if not more)… And thank God our landlords are reasonable people, who seem to like us, because I doubt we could find a new place without having to pawn Freja.

But apparently, things have taken a terribly ugly turn. And even if I know it is true, I still have difficulty believing some people can be so horrible.

Turns out that some people have started to put adds online to offer free (or very low cost) housing, in exchange for sex.


How much of a vulture must you be to try to take advantage of desperate people like that?? (And seriously, I appologize to vultures… The comparison isn’t fair, you feed on dead corpses, not on people who’d like to have a roof over their head without having to provide unwanted sexual services)

There are a variety of deals online… Going from ”If you live with me, you have to be naked at all times when you are home”, ”You’re good looking, so I’ll take you in, if you sleep in my bed” to the obvious, ”Have sex with me, and you’ll have a place to sleep afterwards”.

To say that I am disgusted is an understatement.

Thinking about all the women and men that will get abused semi-willingly ”just” because of a social crisis is beyond me. How many single moms (or dads) will fall into these perverts’ traps to give their kids a ”safe” place to stay?

And with this said, I am well aware that I live in a province (and a country) that is priviledged. So I am devastated for all of the less-priviledged parts of the world, where I am only guessing, things must be worst.

And if they’re not, it means that we just have a higher concentration of perverts, and that thought really depresses me.

Maybe that could be the push I need to finally (try to) move to Denmark.

Sorry… That was supposed to be short. As usual.




9 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. As I’ve whined and moped about on my page, costs are going up-up-up, income stays same-same-same. Honestly, in this financial environment, it’s probably smarter to sell any real-estate you own and hide under your bed pleading poverty. You’d probably eat better.


  2. There are always going to be horrible people out there taking advantage in one way or another. When we lived in Houston, there were a lot of homeless, and I always wondered why all of these huge buildings went empty when they could at least open the door to let those people stay there.


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