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Some things tend to make me lose my faith in humanity.

This is just one example.

A dang fake eyelashes vending machine. Say what???  Where in the world is buying a pair of eyelashes so important that people would need a vending machine for it?

I’m speechless.

If that’s not covering a first world problem, I don’t know what does…

Girls… All of you girls (and guys, because you’re allowed to want beautiful eyelashes too). You don’t ”need” this. You are already beautiful in your very unique way. Don’t give in, and make faceless people wealthy by putting a couple of quarters in that slot.

Geez, this world is getting shallow.

Wouldn’t you say?

12 thoughts on “WTF?

      1. Mouahahahahahaha! I didn’t see that coming….

        But I have a feeling that you might be right, Brutus. And I don’t know if I find that amusing or depressing. Maybe a nice mix of both??


    1. Oh my… I can picture it! As much as I like a little mascara job, when it is too much, it just gets grotesque 😛

      Glad this lady didn’t poke you in the eyes with her monstruous (false) lashes 😉


  1. It’s a vending machine. What were you expecting? World peace?
    What sort of ‘important’ things does a vending machine ever offer? Well …. water (in environmentally horrific plastic containers), I suppose … and condoms. That aside, though, fake eyelashes seem entirely in keeping with the ‘convenience’ of vending machines. Do you think that maybe people drop by the vending machine for some new eyelashes and a bit of botox (and some water and condoms) on their way to a date when they realise that the picture on their tinder profile actually looks nothing like them?
    And isn’t a lot of the internet just one giant vending machine?

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    1. You sure have a good point there, Good Sir. Tinder-related vending machines aside, in the same mall, I spotted a cake vending machine offering cake slices from a bakery based in OHIO!!!! The machine stated that the cake slices were delivered daily (I have pictures to prove it!), but I beg to differ… I did travel to Chicago a couple of years back, and there is NO way these cake pieces are fresh.

      I guess the not so Tinder-lucky people don’t mind all that much.

      All that set aside, I like your thought about a World peace vending machine. Someone should be working on that 😉


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