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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you could un-invent something, meaning that it would disappear from the surface of the earth, and nobody would ever remember it, what would you choose?

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10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Whoops. Didn’t mean Lynne (though uninventing the cigarette is a reasonable plan) – uninventing the gun is at the top of my list, though perhaps uninventing the thought that invented the gun would be even better.


  1. “Now I’m a fella with a heart of gold – With the ways of a gentleman I’ve been told
    A kind of a guy that wouldn’t even harm a flea;
    But if me and a certain character met – The guy that invented the cigarette
    I’d murder that son of a gun in the first degree!” – Tex Williams

    Nicely put I think.


    1. Now I’m a fella with a heart of lead
      But if I’d kept on smoking cigarettes
      I guess I’d now be dead
      But it’s just a form of suicide
      So I guess it could be said
      That I’d rather die of suicide
      Than lonely in my bed.


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