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Cyranny’s quickie!



Have you ever had a friend you seemed to share your brain with?

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14 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I reckon it sounds weird, but it happens 😉 I currently have a friend like that, and quite honestly, it was really strange at first…. We have such same tastes with everything, same hobbies, same medical history. It’s almost scary at times. She’s like a 15 years younger me!

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    1. It is odd, but it has its advantages… When you meet someone who seems to think exactly like you, it might feel like a friendship that’s not very challenging at first, but actually, it’s like being two people making the same puzzle, and we can help some pieces together, that we wouldn’t have figured by ourself 😉


    1. Mouahahahahahahaha, I can imagine how that feels. The friend who inspired this Quickie, is such a mini-me, that we’re at a point where we can almost assume that we agree no matter what subject we discuss… But I think that the ”coincidence” about our lives that blew my mind the most, was when we discovered that we had the same credit card, from the same bank… With the exact same expiry date!! What were the odds?!?!? LOL

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      1. Oh gosh! That is funny!
        Yes, we can finish each other’s sentences and when one of us makes a smart decision we will say well obviously you were thinking with my side of our brain. 😂

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      2. LOOOOOOOOOOOL I just wrote that in my mental notebook, for future similar experiences 😉 But no worries, I’ll give you all the credit 😛


    1. I can imagine, Cheryl!! And not only is it fun, it is also reassuring to know that you can speak wholeheartedly because you’re almost sure that the other one thinks exactly the same. I am really grateful that I get to experience this at least once in my life 😉


  1. My work bestie/sister and me are like that. I was just about to start writing here about us and she messaged me! This has been happening a lot lately. And we are both on holidays this week too. It makes it easy to explain things because even though we come at things from different view points we always end up saying the exact same thing. It is a relationship that I treasure and value. 🙂


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