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It’s a wrap!



While scrolling through my December 23rd posts of the last years, for Fandango’s Friday Flashback challenge, I noticed that I always waited for the day before Christmas Eve to wrap up our gifts for Chéri’s and my family and friends.

And as you can see on the above picture, this year wasn’t different.

Well, yes it was. For one thing, we were wise enough to get all our gifts ready weeks ago (a first since Chéri and I are a couple), and Chéri did help out, instead of just watching me wrap up everything we had bought together.

So all went well, and if Mother Nature is kind enough (let me doubt that, we’re presently in the middle of the first ”real” snowstorm of the year – meaning snow, sleet and icy rain spiced up with strong winds and changing temperatures) we’ll pack all the gifts and baked goodies (not shown on the picture) and go meet with our families for the first real Christmas party in three years.

If we’re that lucky, I just want to take a moment to wish all of you Lovelies a very merry Christmas in advance!

I really wish that you’ll be able to be with your loved ones on this special time of the year. That you’ll enjoy a good meal, and perhaps a gift exchange.

Personally, I might be quite quiet until the 26th, when Chéri and I (and Freja) are due to come back home. If we do, and don’t get caught in a car wreck on our way forth or back.

Oh, and before I publish this post… Did you notice the Danish gnomes on the soon to be given presents? Yeaaah…. No Christmas is perfect without a Danish touch!

*Sending lots of love to all of you Lovelies*

Merry Christmas!



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