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That kinda call…



We all hate them, don’t we?

On saturday, Little Bro will turn one year older.

The plan was to have a nice dinner in a restaurant he apparently really likes. The place just re-openned after almost three years of renovations. We had a reservation for four, Little bro (of course), his partner, Chéri and I.

I won’t talk about gifts, just in case it might ruin the surprise. But obviously they were waiting to be handed over…

And just when everything was going smoothly, Mom, Dad and I got a message on Messenger.

I know that you had plans for saturday, but would it be possible to postpone it?

At first, I thought it had something to do with the fact that a big snowstorm is on its way. But we are tough Freezinglanders, so that shouldn’t stop us from sharing a nice meal.

Truth is, Little Bro’s boyfriend was brought to the hospital after feeling numb and fainting. He has an epilepsy history, and that might be just that. But I hate to know that Little Bro is worrying and dealing with this by himself.

So, although I had planned to do my usual Skypy Friday call tomorrow night, I might skip it. If Little Bro’s boyfriend stays at the hospital for a while, I feel I should be with them. Until we are sure that it was just an unpleasant incident.

In the meanwhile, wether you believe in God, or just in Life, if you have a good thought or vibe to spare, send it his way. I have already experienced the power of good thougths in the past,  and I am sure it still can make a difference.

I hope tomorrow will bring good news, considering the context.

And I hope you won’t have that kind of call tonight!



19 thoughts on “That kinda call…

    1. Thank you so much, Wayne 🙂 I am a strong believer in the effects of positive energy, should it be in the form of prayers or positive thoughts. I think it transcends distance, and luckily, news are good tonight. Little Bro’s better half was able to return home with a migraine, but no major side effects of this incident. I’ll let them both rest, as they probably need to, and make a quick present drop off tomorrow. I’m really glad this was just a scare. *Big hugs*


    1. Thank you Cheryl 🙂 We had quite a scare yesterday night, but apparently everything is fine now. I will double check that tomorrow, when I do my little Birthday gifts drop off trip. So far, you Lovelies seem to have kept my family alive when they were going through health issues with your warm wishes and prayers, and I am very grateful for that 😉 xxx


    1. Mouahahhahahahahaaha Tate, funny because that’s just my plan.

      Although I do think that Little Bro and his partner do need some rest after the hospital stay, we are going to drop over to make the birthday boy’s day a little brighter.

      Thanks a lot for your warm wishes 🙂 xx

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    1. Thank you Fab 🙂 We had quite a scare…Especially since Little Bro didn’t give us much details when it happened (to his defence, he wasn’t allowed to the emergency room with his partner). But apparently, everything’s stabled out now, and Little Bro’s boyfriend is resting at home. We’ll be visiting them tomorrow, and getting more news. Poke me back if you want to chat during the weekend 😉 xx


    1. I really appreciate it, Anne. Little Bro’s partner is back home tonight and I’ll be able to take news tomorrow and let you all know for sure. It was a big scare for us all. But I really think that all of your thoughts and prayers made a difference.
      *Big hugs*

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