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Happy birthday, Chéri!



As I told you previously, our family is presently in a maelstrom of festivities, and tomorrow’s an important one (as if the others weren’t, but that’s beside the point).

Chéri’s just about to turn one year older.

And let’s face it, his last two birthday celebrations (one of which was an important milestone), were very, VERY quiet, thanks to covid.

So I felt it was important that we did something special this year.

Nothing spectacular (I don’t have the energy for it), but something worth remembering. So I did a lot more peopling than usual, and got his family and mine to agree on a restaurant where we can meet on Saturday night in Trois-Rivières.

Chéri thinks we’re going there (Trois-Rivières) so I can spend some time with my parents, while he enjoys a simple birthday dinner at his. I have to say, the fact that his big sister had to decline the invitation because she had something else planned, was a big help.

Then came the gift part. Because no party’s great without a surprising present. Right?

I have had a tradition the past couple of years, of buying Chéri two pairs of (rather cheap) sunglasses every Christmas because he keeps breaking or loosing them (explaining why I don’t spend insane amounts of money on them). And I thought, ”why not team up and buy Chéri enough glasses to go a long way?”

And the response was hilarious… Everybody answered with a ”Oh LOL, last time we spent time together, he had just lost a pair” or ”Mouahahahaha I’m in, last time I saw him, he had just broken his last pair!”

So Saturday, while celebrating in a sports-bar restaurant – it was a taken, Chéri has to be able to keep an eye on the Canadian’s (our home hockey team) score – we’ll offer him a giftbox filled with a dozen pairs of glasses. Which should surprise him in a perfectly weird way.

I’m just waiting for midnight to send Chéri a one-year long subscription to our nearby movie theater. Meaning that we’ll spend at least a night a month in front of the big screen at half price, which is great. Especially if he’s paying for my part. LOL

If you have any birthday wish for Chéri, just leave it in the comments. I’ll make sure to forward them to him 🙂

Make Chéri happy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Chéri!

  1. What wonderful gifts! Sunglasses and movie tickets, maybe he can wear them into the cinema lol 😂. Please wish D a huge happy birthday from Doug and myself. Enjoy and celebrate well my friends. 🍷🥳🎂 xx


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