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Reading between the lines…



The yearly Festive Festival has officially started two weeks ago, with Mom’s birthday.

We had a short 2 weekends break, but now we are entering our celebration marathon. Next weekend is Chéri’s birthay, followed by Little Bro’s the next, then Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and then Dad’s birthday on January 6th.

You might think ”prepare one big birthday party for them all”. But anyone who has loved ones born around Chritmas time, knows that more than anyone else, they need a party of their own to feel special, because a lot of people tend to just bring a slightly bigger gift for Christmas.

Anyway, after two years off (thanks to this little covid thing you might have heard of), I’m back to party planing. It is fun, but time consuming, and free time is not something I have a lot of, at the moment.

And I think my crazy brain is trying to tell me to slow down. As if I didn’t know a good long break would be welcome. And since I don’t let it bother me during daytime, it apparently takes advantage of my sleeping hours to send not-so-subtle reminders.

I’ll let you judge.

Last night, one of the dreams I had was as absurd as can be. I couldn’t tell you the main story, it was all very blurry even when I woke up. But I do remember standing in a convenience store next to a man buying a milk carton the size of a fridge. And a little later, I was forced to fight a crazy cat with a chicken’s head, because I thought it had my parachute.

Cat-chicken? Insane milk carton? Parachute? Why would I need a parachute anyway?

I probably don’t.

But if I do meet that cat-chicken, I’ll definately need leather gloves up to my elbows.

I can’t believe I worry about that, when my Christmas gift list is still incomplete.

Still trying to read between the lines…



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