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Cyranny’s quickie!



How optimistic/pessimistic are you, about what happened in Poland today? 

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5 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. This is so scary. We certainly don’t need a third World War after this pandemic. I just want to send out my Christmas cards, and enjoy nice Holidays. Feck these powerfreak world leaders.


  1. I am neither optimistic or pessimistic. I am trying to remain calm and neutral about it . The Russians will insist they did not do it. But if there is proof that they did then I will be glad I live a long way away from any borders with Russia. However that would mean that NATO must be involved and that will be a whole other level!!

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    1. I try to stay realistic too, but I can’t help but think that we might be facing the only worst thing compared to the world pandemic we’ve just come out of… Oh! *sigh* I just hope we get a couple of quiet months soon. We really don’t mean that much in so little time.

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  2. I was watching the news until very late last night. I heard some very different opinions voiced. Some said that it did not make sense for this to have been a deliberate attempt to target Poland because impact was in the middle of farmland. Others very strongly and rightly condemned the assault that was taking place in Ukraine targeting energy facilities etc.

    It sounded to me as if the Polish PM was level-headed and calm and as if he was trying to calm everyone else.

    But our hearts are also in Somalia right now.

    It is hard to watch these things happen. There is a lot bubbling away, each government facing challenges with their own population who are feeling hard-pressed with the rising costs of food and fuel. Divisive issues being thrust into the limelight. Many countries having a very politically divided populace with many election results being an almost 50/50 split. I can see how easily these leaders would feel they had to find another way to retain authority and maintain order.

    I guess I am watching the world stage, expecting tense drama and sudden twists as the current weary, corrupt, grossly inadequate system stumbles along. Just want a clean peaceful earth where everyone can feel safe and thrive…which is clearly far beyond the ability of current governments to achieve.


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