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Oh… Come on!



It had been a while since WordPress’ last glitch, or so it seems to me.

In all honesty, I can’t really blame WP just yet. But I’m counting on you Lovelies to prove that I am not the only to have this problem, which would give me yet another reason to bother the so-called ”Happy Engineers”.

Recently, I noticed that bloggers I had sent a message to, through their ”Contact” page, weren’t replying to me.

I didn’t take it personally, nobody’s obliged to write back to me, but I thought it was a tid bit weird.

The past month, I also noticed that my ”Get in touch with Cyranny” page was getting a lot of views, compared to the usual traffic. And still, not one private message was awaiting in my inbox. Again, weird.

But it could be just a coincidence.

Or could it?

I investigated, and it so happens that at least two of my private messages weren’t delivered to my friend bloggers.

I usually would think that I’ve done something wrong, but knowing WP… Yeah, no. I think that must be a glitch. Let me rephrase that…. ANOTHER glitch.

Could you let me know if you had a similar experience lately, please? So I can report the problem and (hopefully) get it fixed ASAP. Also, if you have a minute to spare, could you click on my ”Get in touch with Cyranny” link in the menu above, and send me a short short note? If you do so, just let me know in the comments below, to confirm that I should expect your email.

I’ll keep you all posted. Because communication is an important part of blogging, and if we can’t get in touch with each other, how are we going to bond together?

And, by the way, if you wrote to me lately, and didn’t get a reply… I’m sorry.

I probably just didn’t get your note.




10 thoughts on “Oh… Come on!

    1. Thank you Cheryl 🙂 I got your message.. And now I’m a bit confused as to what actually happened. But apparently, WP has nothing to do with it. And I gracefully appologize for my wrong accusations 😛

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