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Cyranny’s quickie!



 How, do you think, you can help fight racism, as a simple citizen? 


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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Simple things can help e.g., to take the time to learn how to say correctly the name of someone you work with, not shorten their name or change it to suit your upbringing. So, Varuna doesn’t become “V” or “Vinny” or “Vince” it stays as requested as “Waroona”.

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    1. I love this! It might seem like a detail for some, but it really isn’t. If people can’t be respectful enough to make the effort to learn how to say your name… Especially if you work together, that’s a red flag.

      Living in Montréal, I have quite a lot of co-workers from different nationalities, and I always make sure to call them by their full name (even if I sometimes have to ask how to pronounce it the first time we get in touch).

      I find it sad that some people feel the need to shorten their name (or even worse, change it to a more ”usual” name – which happens too often to my liking here, mostly with people coming from Asian countries).

      The name is a big part of one’s identity, and it should be respected 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Over Soil (or how should I call you?)


  2. I am currently reading The 1619 project: a New Origin Story. It a very different look at the history of slavery in the USA and the result of that on people of African descent and their relationship with whites. It is not an easy read but I know I need to understand what went before to understand what is happening today. The author is a black woman who is a journalist with the New York Times and this book originally was published in a smaller format in the New York Times Sunday magazine . I think it should be required reading for anyone who wishes to move beyond racism . I certainly hope that is how it will help me.

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    1. Very interresting, Anne. I’m adding this to my ”To read books” list. As you might know, Québec’s motto is ”Je me souviens” (I remember), and I do believe that in order to move forward in the right direction, we have to be aware of what really happened in our past.

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    2. It is also not a true representation of history. Slavery was NOT an American trait. It has been going on all over the world, since the beginning of time, and continues today. The Africans themselves were the ones who sold opposing tribe members to the whites as slaves for mere baubles.

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      1. I agree that it isn’t just an American event. Slavery in all its various forms is world wide. I was merely saying that since I spend time every year in the Southern USA I felt I needed know more about that particular part of its history.

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  3. I sort of give up on general society, but I do love that as volunteers we are representative of so many cultures and language groups. I find words like “race” very hard to get my head round. But I do understand “culture”. I do love the chance to embrace the wide array of culture and cuisine that make life so rich. Not everyone feels the same way, but as far as I see it – we are a human family. I just don’t see anything beyond that. Anyone who does not see that we are a human family – well, maybe they should join the space program. Mars might suit them better.

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    1. I totally understand your point, Caramel… And I agree. But I have a feeling that human nature sometimes tends to focus on differences instead of what we have in common. I feel lucky that my parents brought Little Bro and I in a very open way… Not to ignore the differences, but to embrace them as a blessing.

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