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Cyranny’s quickie!



What would you do first, if you woke up to be the only person left on the planet tomorrow? 


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3 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. This reminds me of a Twilight Zone with Burgess Meredith. After a nuclear fallout, he was the only survivor so he went to the library because he had all of the time in the world now to read his precious books, but then he slipped on the step and broke his glasses. So now he had the rest of time, a full library, and no way to connect the two.

    I would go to the library first, same as him. But instead of my preferred genre of books I would start with a book about optometry and fixing my own glasses. That’s absolutely first and foremost. Just in case. After that, how to safely start, contain and extinguish fire so that I will be able to do things using natural light and fire light without burning the world down. Assuming I’m all that’s left, then the electrical grid will eventually fail, and there will be no one to recharge extinguishers, so.. yep. Throughout this part, if I manage my resources properly, I can maintain a fairly healthy food source using the local groceries. Then I’d pick up a book along the lines of “Gardening for dummies” but it would really be for black thumb people, and I would work on creating a sustainable food source for myself so that I can maintain a healthy balance of vitamins in my system. Protein would probably be of some concern considering that if I’m all that’s left, it’s unlikely that the animals survived, and other than what would remain in the frozen section of the grocery store as long as thee electrical grid was still functional, I don’t know how I would generate protein other than to use the powders that they sell at the workout store type places. However, that also would be problematic as it would be unlikely that whatever catastrophe made it so that I was the sole survivor on this planet would also leave the water sources untarnished, so clean water would also be a necessity. However, it is not difficult to find a book in a library on how to sanitize water for survival. Plus, walmart would have a Brita or a thousand, and the filters to go with it, so that would keep me pretty much ok until I was able to create whatever contraption the book recommends. I would also have to look up herbal remedies, folklore medications, etc. I would have to learn to grow those plants in order to maintain optimum health for myself over time as there won’t be doctors.

    So without the use of (or at least with minimal use of) electricity, and only the library at my disposal, I will have to learn how to maintain my sight, body, food, heat, and water. Geez, I’ll be a lonely busy bee!

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  2. lol – after crying…I would get to work I suppose – would need to think about keeping on top of veggie crops and harvesting, tidying etc. Making myself useful. I would like to do whatever I could to care for my surroundings.


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