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It’s not the destination…



That matters, it is the journey.

We’ve all heard that, but how many of us really take a pause to appreciate the trip instead of focusing only on our goal?

Today, I attended my first ”party” since the beginning of the pandemic. You might remember Booh Boss, who retired earlier this year. You don’t? Well, Booh Boss is my former boss, and though we never really got along, we (almost) always managed to have a civil relationship.

A couple of months ago, she invited our team to her house, to celebrate one of our colleague’s recent retirement, at her home (in a subburb of Montreal).

Not having a car of my own, my friend (and co-worker) G offered to share the ride. So this morning, when I woke up, I took care of my everyday business, and then poked her to know if she was still going to the party (she’s working at 5 AM tomorrow morning, I wouldn’t have blamed her for calling it off).

She was still in, but she was waiting for another co-worker, C, who wanted to join in the trip outside the metropolis.

I dressed up, put on (a little) make up, and waited.

And waited.

I must say, though I know G well and really like her, I was not very close to C. I didn’t doubt that it would be a nice trip, but I gave all the credit to G, in advance.

But boy, oh boy, how much fun did we have on the road. The GPS was constantly re-calculating our path, and we abided (because, what else were we to do?), going detour after detour, the traveling time never going down on the GPS screen.

We considered stopping to eat on our way, or ordering a Uber driver to deliver the flowers we had bought as a hostess gift to see if we’d get there before him.

To say that we had a blast, while driving through the backsteets to get to destination is an understatement. We laughed to tears, recorded a few videos in the car, an eventually arrived to destination.

And quite honestly, looking back, althought we had a most lovely time at the party, I think I enjoyed the trip more than the actual event.

The gathering was pretty cool, though.  As seen below.

Do you too have trips you enjoyed more than the actual event?




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