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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you think that animals can use pity, or is that just a human thing?


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14 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Good point Anne… Actually, when the question came to my mind, I was thinking about men and women that use the pity card to get money, and have other people provide for them. I don’t think there’s anything similar in the animal reign. Although, I’d swear Freja learnt to make the Puss-in-Boots eyes to guilt me into feeding her treats, hehehehehe

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    1. No doubt about that, Caramel 🙂 When I suffered from severe depression, my good old cat, Poupine would come and cuddle against me at night and purr while I petted her, until I fell asleep, and then she’d go about her cat business. E-ve-ry night.

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  1. Decades ago we had a cat who, if she heard the baby cry, would jump on top of him and start licking his nose. This startled him so much that he stopped crying. I have no idea what motivated the cat’s behavior. Did she feel compassion for the baby? Was she just trying to shut him up? Who knows?

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