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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s the craziest thing you ever did under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medecine?



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8 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I’m allergic (I guess, they won’t classify the phenomenon) to pain killers, from the mildest to the stuff that stops rhinos. General anesthesia therefore makes me insane for a while and there is no telling what I’d do. I figured out the pain med component was the culprit and now insist they leave that out of the mix. But I’ve had three major surgeries and during one of them, I got extremely paranoid at 3 a.m. and called my best friend at the time, begging her to come ‘liberate me’ from the hospital as scary folks were trying to kill me. That might top the list, there were a lot of other side effects too.


  2. The craziest thing I ever did involving alcohol was to drink several Tequila shooters. In my defense, it was fun and it followed a horrid drive to my sisters acreage, in pitch dark, pouring rain, and getting lost on a seriously muddy dirt road (with me behind the wheel) before we made it there. So, yes when we finally made it, I had way more tequila to drink than I should have. Then I got into their hot tub. I honestly thought I was going to die the next day. 🤢


  3. When I had my wisdom teeth out I was sedated, and my friend who took me home from hospital told me I said a lot that I did not remember saying.
    But then I started taking the painkillers the dentist had prescribed me – codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol – and for the next two or three days everyone says I was very odd. I was getting up to go to work and saying and doing things that were not me. Apparently the nurses and a GP I worked with sat me down and suggested I stop taking the codeine.

    That experience made sense of something that happened years earlier when I was in hospital, and they gave me codeine – and when I was discharged still under the effect of codeine, I realized I did not have any money to pay to get out of the hospital car park…(or to catch public transport) so I walked home in the freezing cold – the 15 or so miles to where I lived.

    Yes…I started to realize that I am really not at all very good with codeine.


  4. When I was 21ish I was in a play in which I appeared naked, and in the audience was my secondary (High) school English Teacher. After the show we had a few drinks at the bar and I admitted having a crush on her, a few drinks later we ended at my digs and we ended up having sex.


  5. Visiting a friend and she had just run to the restroom. When a guy texted her on her phone, I told him she was “Pooping”! We had both been drinking and it sounded really silly. This was a few years ago.


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