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Little visitor…



Do you believe that Life sometimes sends you little signs?

I do. And I think you just have to be open to notice them… The problem is that they don’t come with a clear explanation. You have to interpret them, and we often suck at that.

Last weekend, I think that I got one of these mysterious messages.

Friday, on our way to the cabin in the woods, Chéri and I stopped at a gas station to take a break about halfway through. We were just chating, standing next to the car, when a yellow butterfly came flying around us.

It flew away… Then came back. It was a large parking lot, surrounded with many trees and shrubberies to rest on, for a pretty butterfly. But nevertheless, it kept flying away and back to us.

Even Chéri noticed it, and he usually doesn’t have an eye for that kind of details.

Eventually, our little friend flew away, and we forgot about it.

Until Saturday afternoon. I was taking a walk by myself, hunting for a couple of pictures.

Suddenly, a tiger swallowtail butterfly appeared again, out of nowhere. Just like the day before, it kept flying close to me, then floating away… Back and forth, in a beautiful ballet, and I stopped walking to watch it closely.

For some reason, it started to circle around my ankles, and I was persuaded that it would end up landing on one of my feet.

It kept fluttering around for a while, and I was waiting for my butterfly friend to stop moving, so I could take a pretty picture of it.

I lost sight of it for a split second, and turned around cautiously, thinking that it might have been resting on my heel.

It had disappeared.

As in vanished. I looked everywhere around, and no matter how fast a butterfly can possibly be, there was no way it had flown out of my sight in so little time.

I don’t know what that meant, just yet. But I am convinced that it meant something. You can call me crazy, I don’t care.

That butterfly disappeared. After leaving me a crypted message.

Thank you, little visitor! I’ll try to figure your message out.

Too bad you couldn’t speak, or leave a written note.

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