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Stealth squirrels…



As you probably know by now, our back balcony gets visited by many animals, since we decided to feed them.

We mostly get birds of all kinds.

We also got groundhogs and racoons.

But squirrels are our most common guests. They are funny, because they are very blunt about how they get to eat most of what was intended for the birdies, in the first place.

And whenever I catch them doing just that, they act as in the above picture. They just lay on the ramp and stay still, as if they were incredibly stealth and invisible.

Unfortunately for them, I have a keen eye.

I can see you”, I’d like to say.

But what would be the use of it? They still enjoyed the peanuts, and ran away before I could get to pet them. Witty squirrels, if you ask me.

5 thoughts on “Stealth squirrels…

    1. I seriously wouldn’t try to pet them. Forced affection is never rewarded 😛 But I did have a close encounter with a Swedish squirrel that went really well… The little thing had climbed up my jeans, and somehow seemed to know that Chéri and I had a bag of mixed nuts and dried up fruit. I wasn’t bold enough to pet it, but I did get to hand feed it without getting bitten. Lucky me 😛

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