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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one thing you used to have to wait for quite a long time before getting (decades back), that you can now get really fast?



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21 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Oh geez, you are so right!! I can still remember when we had to drop our films to the store and wait for days to get the pictures. And most of the times, half of them weren’t even worth the wait LOL


    1. Soooooo true. How is time going so much faster as years go by?? There has to be a reason… When I was 10, summer was endless. Now, if I blink, I suddenly realize that two months have gone by.


      1. I guess I can say I was lucky (?!?) because when I came, in 2020, the bushfires were destroying a great part of the country. Yet during our time in Sydney, we encountered the worst rainstorms I’ve ever seen (and I spent 5 years in Guinea, where raining season is quite intense, to say the least).


    1. Yes! I still remember the times when there were two types of people… People who knew stuff, and people who wanted to learn stuff. Now, Google slowly erases the line in between 😛


      1. I understand you… Fresh bread is soooo good. But even if I am not gluten intolerent, I can’t eat much of if, after having a bariatric surgery. I miss it too 😉


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