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Practice what you preach!



Tonight, I’d like to have a word or two with the people who, until recently considered that their basic rights were stolen from them, by masks being mandatory in public places…

First of all, know that last saturday, I was very happy for you all. Although still mandatory in public transport and healthcare buildings, you were freed from wearing the mask in most places. Good for you!

I could easily be sarcastic about this.

I could think back to the many times you annoyed me beyond reason, with your complaints about just wearing a piece of clothing on your face.  I did understand the people who had to work long days with that burden, but for all of you who only had to respect the rule to go shopping, or do short activities, I didn’t get what all the fuss was about.

But we’re all different, right? And what doesn’t bother me can very well bother you. And I shouldn’t judge that.

So yes, I am sincerely glad for you all.

You waited a very long time to get back your ”lost” freedom. And God, did we hear you out for months…

Today, I am asking you to practice what you preach.

When you were fighting to have the mandates lifted, you claimed that you just wanted Canadian rights to be respected. One of these rights, is to be allowed to keep wearing masks, for any reason one (me) might consider reasonable.

So, no matter how much my mask might offend you (I can’t see why it would, but then again, I didn’t really understand why it was bothering you in the first place, so I guess we’re even), please repress the need to passive-aggressively remind me that I don’t have to wear it anymore.

I know. I don’t live under a rock.

I choose to keep it on for the moment. And you might think that you’re trying to bring awareness my way, but I don’t need to be enlightened.

I’ve lived covid-free for over two years now, and I intend to keep it that way.

And if you’re thinking that people like you just wouldn’t pressure people into dropping the face mask, here’s what happened to me when I got to work today.

Just to put you in context…. I’ve been working for the same company for 12 years. And the day-time security guard has known me for several years before the pandemic.

So, I walk in. Mask on.


Security guard – You look ugly with your mask.

Me – I don’t care… I look ugly without it too!

Security guard (waving his hand around his face) – You don’t have to wear that anymore…

Me – I know, but I’m still allowed to…

Security guard –

Me – And I am the only threat when it comes to letting covid get into our home. (Chéri is still working from home all week long, while I have to show up at the office once a week. And should I remind you that Chéri suffers from an auto-immune disease?).

Security guard – Oh yeah… That makes sense.


This brief conversation might not seem significant. And it won’t stop me from wearing protection until I feel safe enough not to do it anymore. But I know people who feel like me, and that are more sensible to comments like that.

And as much as I am genuinely happy for you, you shouldn’t pressure people who don’t think like you to act like you do.

A right is a right.

I respect yours. Respect ours too!

4 thoughts on “Practice what you preach!

  1. My granddaughter and I wore masks to the high school concert. We were the only ones in the audience doing so…this IS Wyoming…🙄😏but after it got quiet we heard a person directly behind us breathing loudly and coughing. We were glad to be wearing them.

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  2. I hear you. I am still masking up on the commute to work, but sometimes I am the only person with a mask in my carriage. Someone asked me recently whether my facemask was a political statement. I just replied that after wearing PPE all day every day while working for the NHS throughout the Pandemic, it does not seem a big thing to me to wear a facemask on my commute to work when fellow travellers nearby are coughing and sneezing.

    I cannot understand why it became such a controversy – when it rains, if people want to put their hood up or use an umbrella…or not…that is there choice – but generally I would think that those using the hood/umbrella were more practical. If a facemask helps me to avoid even a mild illness (after three vaccines) and taking time off work…well…it is not a bad thing.

    I sometimes think, “Can we all just get on with this stage we are in – which seems to be using our freedom of choice to make use of practical measures…or not.” It’s just a piece of fabric! It should not be this controversial, should it?


  3. I agree with you completely. My school has removed the mask requirement, but I’m still one of the few people wearing it when I’m in the classroom. I have heard many comments about why I am not removing it. Thankfully, they got bored quickly enough, and they have stopped asking me.


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