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What do you want??



Has the world gone that shallow?

Okie, I don’t want to generalize, but I was watching a video collage of short make up transformations that showed the before and after looks of many women that would commonly be considered average or lower, on a ”beauty” scale.

One of them is fairly-well known, and if you’ve never heard about her, I am sure you remember her famous father…



I don’t need to drop names, do I?


I’ve seen many of these videos online, and I must say that these ladies are absolutely amazing make up artists. 

But the same videos used to make me feel very uneasy. I just didn’t get the message that was supposed to be learnt from their mastering of beauty products. I was sure that at least some of them were (and still are) promoting ”feeling proud with or without make up”. But at the same time, thinking back to my teenage and young adult years, I probably would have understood that if I bought enough creams and powders and brushes, and watched enough tutorials, I too could look stunning like the models in every magazine. The same women that made every boy I knew drewl a little.

I do own basic make up. For very special events. But I never put much efforts into getting really good at it. I usually just put a little eye shadow, a little eyeliner, mascara and occasionnally a subtle layer of lipstic.

Maybe that’s me being lazy about wanting to look good. Or maybe I just don’t care what people I don’t know think about my looks. Chéri loves me, and doesn’t need me to look like a Victoria’s Secrets Angel.

Maybe I’m just lucky.

Anyhow, a while ago, I decided I was in no position to judge what these ladies were doing, or trying to promote.

But what really angers me, is the tons of comments these videos get. And though most of them come from men, women also play their part in the social bashing.

This is why you always take them swimming first.


I feel sorry for men. They really have no idea what they are getting these days… 

That’s why make up should be illegal, poor blokes the next morning. I’ve been there, it ain’t nice.

The exact reason why bars aren’t the place where you’ll find the love of your life.

I’m not making this up.

The general message seems to be, ”If you’re not naturally beautiful, stay at home and wait for death”. A little far from the body acceptance movement going on, isn’t it?

Oh, and by the way, just in case you are one of these men that seek ”natural beauty”… Let me give you a flash update. Although there are a few real naturally beautiful women out there (by society’s standards, that is), most of the ladies you’d put in that category have just mastered natural looking make up.

Again, I don’t want to generalize… I know many men that aren’t shallow. But if you are one of these people, that seem offended by beauty transformation videos, I’d really like to know…

What do you want? A natural woman, or ”beauty” at all costs??

Think about it.

Because I really don’t think little girls need to embark that very puzzling ship. They should grow up feeling good about themselves no matter what, and using make up only if they really enjoy it.

End of rant.



3 thoughts on “What do you want??

  1. The problem is, men have decided society needs women to look all pretty all the time and then they get pissed that women are really good at it. Like with most things they want it both ways.

    The other problem is women are conditioned to also think this way, so you then come away with women not able to take off their make up at night incase their partner sees them without make up and their self worth is tied up with looks, this will only change when society changes, which isn’t going to happen for a while.


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