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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you knew it would save a life, would you agree to give a part of you for a transplant (a kidney, a part of your liver, bone marrow…)?



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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Yes, you can give away parts to strangers, but I was saving my spare kidney in case a relative needed it! Now I’ve had cancer I’m not sure they would take any parts, I’m not allowed to give blood anymore!


  2. I like this question because it made me think of the cost of giving an organ like a kidney….of course the natural impulse is to think want to save someone else’s life. But something that would always make me pause and consider is would the other person appreciate the sacrifice you had made? The risk you took for them.

    Years ago I remember reading about a famous “celebrity” who had an organ transplant and within a short space of time went straight back to abusing alcohol (which us how he had ended up in need of a transplant to begin with). I remember reading the reactions of people in the papers who were disgusted that this celebrity had not appreciated the lifeline that had been given him.

    It was very sobering because you would have thought that if someone was told that they were going to die unless someone else was willing to give them an organ….and then amazingly someone did give them that life-saving organ, that they would change their life, and live with a huge sense of gratitude and indebtedness to the person who had given them the opportunity to live.

    Which is in a nutshell why I am baffled at the behaviour of so many people who take risks with their life….not appreciating the huge cost of life….not appreciating the enormous gift of someone making the ultimate sacrifice for them to have a priceless opportunity – life.

    Yes….it is a thought provoking subject indeed.


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