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That was not fun…



Friday is usually a good day for me.

It means the end of the week, and the beginning of the weeeeeekend!!!

Tonight was heading that way.

After a long day of work, I logged off, and got prepared for a nice Skypy Friday session. Which went on nicely, though a little quiet compared to what we were used to.

And right after that, shit hit the fan.

But let’s go back about two weeks back. My landlords (living downstairs) asked us if we had noticed electric tension problems in our apartment. We had seen the lights flickering a little, but I was blaming it on the coldness of Freezingland’s winters.

The stroboscoping effect got more intense, and after a first visit from an electrician, the problem seemed to be fixed.

But yesterday, the flickering started again. So I emailed my landlords to tell them the problem was back. I got confirmation that they too had the fluctuations. A new appointment was booked with the electrician, due next Monday.

But right after the end of the Skypy call, the lights went totally crazy. Chéri told me it smelled like burning and my crazy switch went over the edge.

I couldn’t reach my landlords. And I didn’t know what was going on in their apartment. I felt like I was sitting on a ticking bomb.

So I called 911. And within 3 or 4 minutes, the firemen showed up.

5 of them. All geered up. And they checked everything in our apartment, and reassured me. They were all so professional and kind, and really dealt well with my through the roof anxiety at the moment.

They left, after telling me to call back if I had any doubts. And shortly after, I got a call from my landlord, telling me that according to her, things would be fine until the electrician could fix the problem for good.

Right now most of our breakers are turned down. We are running on as few energy as we can ask for.

We’re keeping our heating system on. That’s about it.

If you’re reading this, wish us normal power back. Soon.

10 thoughts on “That was not fun…

  1. I would be just like you and have everything turned off. Unplugged all the non-essential items and read all weekend long. I am very very afraid of fire which is why I would end up doing this. Glad that the firemen were able to set your mind to ease. And it is cold cold cold here as well. Our week has gone from +2 with rain to -40 with a blizzard and road closures. Have a good weekend Cranny. 🙂


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