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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you think that your life has a purpose? If so, what is it?



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5 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I think that purpose and satisfaction in life are closely entwined with love and giving. After all, why did someone share the gift of life with us? It was because they knew that life should be a real joy.
    We have these amazing abilities to learn, design and make things, we can enjoy working on tasks that have wonderful results – a clean earth, a comfortable home, a happy healthy family and community. We find the greatest satisfaction in tasks and projects that enhance life, bring joy, beauty, flavour and richness to life. Experiences, discoveries, the endless wonders of nature that teach us so much, laughter, music, food, dancing, art, poetry. Sharing, caring….building friendships, falling in love, sexual pleasures with someone who means the world to us and starting a family because we want to share this wonderful gift of life. We have the chance to raise children and cultivate in them an appreciation for all we have learnt is wonderful.

    Right now….there are things we have to put up with which are hard to endure….but they will all be gone soon….and we can back to living the way we were always intended to. Not long now. Thrilling times ahead.


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