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Cyranny’s quickie!



What fun way could countries use to solve conflicts, instead of going to war?



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8 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. The original Olympics made it so travelers to the games could pass through war torn areas and avoid assault by either side. So a kind-of truce.

    I’m a strong proponent of hunger games like competition. The leaders who can’t get along get put into a hunger games situation and they can’t tap out or have someone else fill in.


  2. Part of me was thinking – Tiddledywinks. Then I thought about Poker. But no, Tiddledywinks seems better.
    I love Paula’s idea of Bake-offs. That would be awesome, but who could be the judge? That would be tricky to find a totally neutral judge.
    But I have a feeling that the proud and haughty will go ahead in their pompous ideas….and they will fall….they will fall, and it will be to their shame.
    The future will be wonderful and it will be without war mongers.
    Ultimately, if they cannot change their attitudes and their ways – they will fall. Even if they pompously try to assert themselves with all their military might – they will fall.

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