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Today, I had a lovely visit.

Ok, she didn’t come to the neighbourhood to meet with me, specifically (she had to work at our office) but still…

G is one of my co-workers, and she got trained while I was enjoying myself petting koalas and feeding kangaroos in Aussiland. Meaning that I basically never worked with her at the office (ok, maybe like, a week, a week and a half) before getting sent back home with everything needed to keep the business running.

Despite this, G and I got to know each other ”virtually” over the months, and we almost suspiciously connected.

Today she had to work from the office, meaning she would be just about 3 minutes of walk away from my apartment. I just had to go and meet with her (for the second time since the beginning of the pandemic). Especially since I had a Christmas present to give her.

Surprise! She also had one for me (bless her).

When her shift was done, we went for a walk in my neighbourhood, to catch up on nothing and everything, explaining the above picture.

We ended the meeting in her car, sharing deeling-with-boyfriend advices. A classic, right?

I don’t think she realizes it, but she does make my life a little brighter everytime we meet. And that means a lot.

Sorry, I disgressed. It was just a lovely meeting.

And I can’t wait for the next one.




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Description for the visually impaired; Evening view of the Montréal Olympic Stadium from our neighbourhood.

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