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Cyranny’s quickie!



 Do you think it is fair to stubbornly try to keep incurably sick and suffering people alive, when we have our pets put to sleep to save them the suffering?



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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I agree, especially in the case of people in the terminal state of their illness… J’s father in law spent 11 hours agonizing before his final breath. When it comes to that point, I feel it should not only be allowed, but a doctor’s duty to free a patient from that much pain…


    1. Absolutely… I understand that governments are probably worried that allowing people to ask for assisted suicide will open a door to some ”mistakes” or abuses. And that might result in deaths that could have been prevented. But not allowing people to end their life with dignity is not only cruel, but it sometimes pushes people to do what should be a doctor’s job at home. And that puts them at risk to end up in prison… Really sad!

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    1. I totally agree… I think that the medical professionals know enough about the human body to sit with their patients, when they have diseases or injuries that will inevitably result into their death. And it just seems natural that said patients should have the choice to go out with dignity, or suffer until the end. We’re in 2021, right? I can’t help but compare it to a woman giving birth. If we were so stiff about letting nature follow its course, would we allow women who wish so, to get the epidural shot?

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    1. I think that’s very wise, Anne. I believe that medecine has come to a point where it should help us live a good life as long as possible, and then help us exit the stage with dignity when there’s nothing left but suffering ahead (if we wish so, of course). xx

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  1. Surviving is NOT living and when someone doesn’t know who they are or those who love them I want to be morphed up and sent on my way. Same thing if people are in pain and dopped up. It is the merciful thing and every state should allow a person to choose if they are terminal.

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  2. I have a DNR that is registered into my medical records. The doc has a copy (well, all of my docs) and should I get some illness that can not be cured I have a document stating which hospice I wish to be as my end of life provider. If this state would allow euthanasia, I would sign up for that too.


  3. There are powerful and intelligent arguments for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, particularly by those who have seen loved ones suffer.
    I have these fears though about Humanity’s capacity to take something and mis-use it, thus I am conflicted on the issue.


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