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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s a funny/weird fear one of your pets has (had)?



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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Ziggy is deathly afraid of house flies. Other dogs I’ve had have bitten or snapped at the danged things (which I don’t like EITHER, so I admit to encouraging my pets to kill them). But not Sir Ziggy. He runs away and hides or if I force him to stay in the room where the fly is, cowers on my lap shaking until I let him go. It’s very odd. I think he must have been bitten or stung by a big horsefly or something..


  2. I don’t remember our cats having much fear. Quite the opposite, whenever we had visitors, the cats seemed to think they were on a stage – and would parade themselves, before trying to become “intimate” with our guests. We were sometimes very embarrassed.


  3. My horse , Biasini, is nervous about a chair in the arena if it has someone sitting in it and the next time he goes past it they have gone and the chair is empty. He will look sideways at it and may have a small spook away from the empty chair .

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  4. We used to have a cat who was terrified of thunder, lightning, and fireworks. He would hightail it downstairs and hide behind the water heater. Two of the cats we have now used to run and hide whenever someone knocked on the front door, but they outgrew it and now not much scares them. Our little porch kitty, Scruffy, is afraid of cars, thank goodness.

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