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And off we go…



Tomorrow, Chéri, Freja and I are leaving Montréal for a good 5 days.

Now, I wouldn’t mention this on any of my other social media accounts, because, you know, there are weird people out there. I don’t like to scream to the world that our apartment will be unattended for a whole week, even if I know that an eventual burglar would be terribly disappointed, if they broke in.

Some people might point out that many bloggers on WordPress have my adress, which is true. But quite frankly, if any of you spent time and money coming to Montréal, going to a hardware stuff to get some tools, and forced the door to my home… Well, I’d have to take it as a compliment. I really don’t deserve that much attention.

So anyway… 

We have rented a nice cabin in the middle of nowhere (seriously, Google ”Trois-Rives, Québec” ). We’ve packed up on food and drinks, and prepared everything Freja could need (except the calming pills we just couldn’t get a prescription for… That should be fun). We have sun lotion and bug repellent, marshmellows and hot dogs to grill on an evening outdoor fire. 

We’re just hoping that Mother Nature will be cooperative. Because we’d like to take at least a dip in the lake, and I’d love to go photo-hunting along the shore. And if we can’t do these things, we’ll just enjoy the jacuzzi, play pools and spend hours playing our favorite card games. Nothing will shed a shadow on our short getaway.

I doubt our cell phones will be working that far into the woods, but we’re supposed to have The Internets. Supposed being the important word, here.

So, I might remain silent for the next five days. Worry not, if that is the case. That would ruin my 435 days streak on WordPress, but that’s not important. Hopefully, if that happens, I’ll come back with fully charged bateries, and that would be a nice change for everybody, right?

Just wish me that Freja doesn’t me scratch me to death on the way to, or the way back from the cabin….

And if The Internets don’t work, see you next week!

Muuuuuaaah! *Love you all*  





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