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Hey UK! Interested in a free show?



About two years ago, I bought tickets for a show that was supposed to take place in May of 2020.

Chéri, J and I were planning a short trip to London, to see the Danish band, Mew at the Royal Festival Hall. For obvious reasons, the show was first postponed to October of 2020, and then to September 4th of 2021. Unfortunately, there is no way the three of us will be confortable with traveling in September, and to this day, the show hasn’t been pushed back again.

So… I could have tried to get reimbursed, but I am still hoping the band will prefer not taking risks, and announce a new date.

To be honest, I doubt they will, so what’s going to happen with these three seats??

Well, I decided to give them away. And I’ll need a little help from you all, here. 

I need to find at least one person who wants to go to the show and is available for September 4th. Of course, because of the short notice, I am looking for people living in the UK, just in case there would be changes in the borders’ policies in the meanwhile.

I will be favoring people who are willing to take all three tickets. And if many people are interested I’ll just proceed to a draw, before sending the tickets by email.

The only conditions to getting the tickets are:

  1. I’d like to get a selfie after the show, to let me know that you really attended it.
  2. In the very improbable eventuallity that the show should be postponed, I will keep the tickets, until the new date (and if we’re not able to travel by then, and you still want them, they’ll be yours).

Mew is absolutely amazing in live shows, I’ve seen them three times already and they never disappointed me. I’ll link in a couple of videos below, so you can check out if you enjoy their music.

If you are interested, just send me a note via my Get in touch with Cyranny page.

If you aren’t, but want to help me find someone to give my tickets to, please share this with your readers (Oh, btw, if you know people in the UK that aren’t bloggers, but could be interested, I’ll take their names too!). I’d really hate to imagine the three empty seats on September 4th. 

And I’d really like to know that someone enjoyed a nice, cheap evening out with two friends (or relatives)!

I’ll be waiting for your emails!! 


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