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Love shouldn’t…




I see it…
Through your
Thick make up
Through your long
Long sleeves.
I hear it…
Despite your
Sealed lips,
Your very soul
I feel it…
The vicious fear
That makes
You step
When he’s at your heels.
I know…
The empty promises
And the flowers
Are just a band aid
On a wound that won’t heal.
Yet there you stand,
Numb and
But Love never
Should hurt,
Yours isn’t a relationship,
Honey, it’s a mess…

4 thoughts on “Love shouldn’t…

  1. Oh, man… This is tragic as so many are trapped in relationships that involve domestic violence and abuse. It can take years for someone to leave such relationship for the final time, which is why a support system is always important for the victim to have access to. Very beautifully said with respect and grace. ❤ ❤


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