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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you trust the authorities in your state/country?



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28 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. By authorities, are you referring to cops or politicians? I trust most cops to do the right thing. Not all. As for politicians? I trust zero politicians to do anything but help themselves and/or help those whom get them elected.

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    1. I think it is the general feeling, judging by the comments here. And in a way, I find it a bit upsetting. I can’t say that I totally trust authorities (neither cops nor the government in general) but I do tend to think that we could be doing a lot worse. I did live in a country where democracy was a total joke, and the police and army followed rules they made up as they pleased. Looking back, I see the flaws here in Canada, but I still believe that we have fairly trustable authorities. Maybe I’m just being naive…

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  2. We were majorly screwed over some years ago when, due to the city’s failure to maintain its infrastructure adequately, the lower level of our house was destroyed in a sewer backup. It did $30,000.00 worth of damage and all the city council cared about was evading responsibility for it, even though it was 100% the city’s fault. We pay outrageously high property taxes, supposedly to cover things like maintenance of streets and water and sewer systems. (This was not the only time the city screwed us over — only the most egregious.)

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    1. Well, this is a very tangible reason not to trust your city council. I can understand why you would hold a grudge against them… I hope you’ll never have to deal with them for that kind of problems… *Fingers crossed*

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    1. I can’t say I’m surprised… I don’t follow Australia’s politics, but I’ve had the feeling that a lot of Aussies aren’t happy with your politicians. I guess I’m just a little naive in that way… Just as I am with many other topics.


  3. Trust is a relative term.

    I respect that the authorities are allowed to be there. I respect their authority, I cooperate with them, pay my taxes, obey the laws they make. But they are imperfect people. I am not naive to the fact they will make mistakes, be sparing with the truth when they feel cornered or don’t feel they can lay all their cards on the table for a reason.

    I may not agree with all their decisions but I am not their judge – God is. I genuinely believe some are sincerely motivated, I genuinely believe some will set out wanting to make their community, their country, even the world a better, safer place. But I believe that even the most sincere are very much limited, and they often come under pressure to abandon their ideals, and accept help from those who have immense wealth.

    I do also believe that there there are some in authority who may be more unscrupulous that we ever find out. But I do not believe that most in authority are inherently corrupt as some suggest.

    The current system, where imperfect humans with limited perspective, limited resources, limited power try to govern people who have all sorts of different needs and concerns is clearly inadequate, but it is the temporary arrangement we have. It provides an important degree of stability and shelter that we depend on today.

    In my view, it is like living in a house that has holes in the roof, leaky plumbing, dry rot in all the timber, faulty electrics, and an infestation of termites. One government after another tries to patch up the holes they see as problematic, while other issues get worse. However, currently humans are allowed to govern themselves. That was the challenge raised at the start of mankind’s history back in the garden of Eden. The allegation that humans would be better off ruling themselves and that our Creator did not really have the best interests of mankind at heart was made. Our Creator allowed humans to rule themselves independently, while at the same time providing guidance for those who wanted His rulership and promising that He would provide a perfect ruler – the Messiah – who would be entrusted with a Kingdom made up of other co-rulers – who would repair the damage, the heartache, the scars that thousands of years of independence had caused and restore this earth and all its creatures to the quality of life that our Creator wished for them.

    I am sure our Creator observes the many individuals who make up the current authorities and He observes their motivation, their qualities. Where He sees integrity and trustworthiness I am sure He must appreciate that. Where He sees corruption and cruelty, I am sure He must be angered by that.

    But I know that when He acts it will be at the perfect time, in the most truly just way, and then He will do what He must have longed to do for thousands of years….”wipe out every tear from our eyes”. I also believe that all those who have suffered some of the worst atrocities that have been committed under the most brutal and corrupt of governing entities, are safe in God’s memory. I can only imagine how He feels about restoring their lives in the future, on an earth that is clean, free of corruption, safe, and the perfect home for people to live happy, healthy and very long lives.

    Once the earth and all its creatures have healed – who knows what else our Creator will have in store? It is not our choice, but the universe is a mighty big place. It is rather thrilling to speculate. But first things first. The issue of who can be trusted, and who is equipped, and who truly loves mankind to provide the best rulership is being settled here on Planet Earth, and will provide a judicial precedent and a cornerstone for the entire universe and all its creatures in the future.

    So yes….whereas I trust our Creator implicitly, unreservedly, I have to admit my trust in imperfect human rulers is limited. But as far as their office of making laws to protect people, and asking taxes to pay for the public services they provide, I fully cooperate with them. I do believe that that most of them start out with noble motives. But mankind is simply not qualified to rule over themselves. We need our Creator. Every day I turn on the news and I am more and more and more convinced of that.


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