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Why so negative?



I’m not a sickeningly positive person. (And I am not sure that word actually exists)

But I do try to see the glass half full, as often as I can. And I try to hang around people that have a positive energy, like most of you Lovelies! Unlike batteries, in general, positive people attrack positive people, and the oposite is also true. But being humans, the + and the  sides often mingle together too, and sometimes, that’s quite thought-provoking to me.

As I already stated, I do have my negative bouts, and I sometimes enjoy a little ranting. I think the occasional rant is almost a must, to vent frustrations, and move forward. But I can’t imagine always looking for the darkest side of everything going on in my life. I get that these people, who complain with every breath they let out, probably don’t see their lives as a complete disaster (otherwise, geez, how on earth are they hanging on?), but they sure put a lot of efforts into making it seem like they have a horrible life.

Just today.

Two co-workers that I work with on a daily basis, were back from two weeks of vacation.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting them to waltz back into work (especially since we’re still working from home, and I wouldn’t have seen them anyway). But I thought they’d be back with good memories of their 15 days of free time.

I knew that the first one had moved during his time off, but hey! Vacation is vacation, right? So I was foolish enough to ask how he had enjoyed his two weeks. ”It wasn’t a vacation” was all I could get out of him. I didn’t insist. I must say that moving is at the top of my worst things to do in Life, but matched with two-weeks-away-from-work… I still would have enjoyed it.

The second had traveled to Toronto, and made a short trip to Niagara Falls with her grand kids. First time she was taking the kids on a vacation without their parents, and I thought she would be very excited to tell me about her adventures. So I risked a ”So, did you enjoy your vacation?” I immediately got a ”Tell me about it”.

Uh, oh…  It so happens that her grand kids are a little hard to handle, and her patience wore thin early on, and that didn’t go very well. On top of that, they were traveling with her sister who sticks to the schedule like a cuckoo clock. That meant having to stop for lunch at noon, even if they’d had breakfast late in the morning and weren’t even hungry. This also meant skipping activities to make sure not to get into heavy traffic hours, all in all, not a good trip, or so it seems.

I tried to change the subject by asking about the Toronto (kid-less) getaway. Without luck. Apparently, in Toronto, people have decided that covid-19 no longer exist, which made her and her husband very uncomfortable. Oh well… To be honest, I thought that if they really were concerned about social distancing, traveling to a metropolis probably wasn’t the best thing to do.

But I kept my thoughts to myself and when she mentionned that my week of vacation was coming up, I just told her that we had chosen to rent a cabin in the woods by a lake… Hours away from Montréal, to spend time just by ourselves.

Her response inspired me this post.

”Oh, so you chose to go spend a week with deer flies?” *Insert sarcastic tone here*

Come on… It is fine if you want to be negative about your life, but why try to put me down when I have great plans of going kayaking, playing pools, sleeping late, making epic BBQs, taking amazing pictures… Deer flies? I’ll deal with them if I have to.

Why? Oh why do you have to be so negative?

What do you get out of it?


9 thoughts on “Why so negative?

  1. It takes all sorts!! Well….take the warning about deer flies – I never even heard of deer flies – and maybe pack some bug deterrent with you, if you were not already planning on doing that. Some people genuinely are not outdoorsy, and they have their reasons for it, I have a friend who I love to bits, but she is the last person I would ever invite on a camping trip because she would be miserable and would make everyone else miserable. But she is top of the list for a spa weekend in a hotel.

    But I have noticed some of my friends are feeling more low after the past eighteen months, some seem to be skeptical and critical of anything fun at the moment, but I think their nerves are in tatters after all the chopping and changing of rules and advice over the course of the Pandemic, and some of them have suffered a lot financially, and been isolated with their anxieties. So, I do notice some gloomy comments. I try to be gently loving about them, with a droll comment. Something along the lines of “well, I am planning on doing my bit for the animal Kingdom by providing myself as a feast for the local deer fly population”….or “did I tell you about my secret passion for entomology – would you like to see my collection of mini-harpoons I use to impale deer flies and add them to my collection?”

    You have fun…I am sure you will.


  2. Best to avoid all the negative people, but where I am a glass half full sort of person, my husband is the opposite. But then it takes all sorts to make a world. What I hate is the negativity of some people on social media. Especially Facebook. They seem to think they have a right to give a negative viewpoint of someone, but wouldn’t say the same if they saw the person in real life.


  3. Sounds lovely! I can’t wait to go away again. We’ve been locked down again with a 5km radius! Supposed to be for 7 days! It’s now 14 days but we all think it’s going to be 21 lol


  4. god! Just cuz her vacation was miserable, doesnt mean yours will be! You’ll do what it takes, make the most of your time off, and have a blast, if I know you, your up for a fun time! Some people are so toxic and want to bring everyone else down with them! Enjoy the cabin! I know I would! Xoxo


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