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It’s hard…



As the waves crash
Against the rocks,
Pearls of mist
Gently kiss my ankles…
I spread my arms,
Featherless wings.
Before the ocean
I feel so tiny…
The salty invitation
Tickles my tongue.
Goosebumps cover
My skin
Am I ready?
Am I really ready?
Yet again I wonder
Yet again I hesitate,
Sometimes it’s hard
To know the difference
Willing to die,
And wanting to


Meek attempt at Fandango new Story Starter Challenge. Picture borrowed from my dear friend from Journal d’une Plume.


7 thoughts on “It’s hard…

  1. Sometimes even, it’s not being willing
    To die or to live, it’s just wanting, praying
    For the suffering to finally end
    So we don’t have to pretend

    This brings me back to high school, I’m not as good as you but you inspire me! Beautiful poem. ❤


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